If you are considering putting your home on the market then you need to think about how you are going to stage it. No longer is it enough to just put a “For Sale” sign up and hope the buyers will come. With all of the online advertising of homes today and shows like HGTV buyers want beautiful move in ready homes. Properly staging allows you to show case your home in the best light possible. One area Sellers often overlook when it comes to staging but something that makes one of the largest impacts is wall color. That red accent wall you love so much may not appeal to the majority of buyers. Walls should be freshly painted with a neutral color. Something else to consider is how many different colors to paint. As a general rule I suggest no more than 3 neutral colors for an average size home. If the home is on the small size consider one color throughout. If the home is larger you may be able to get away with one or two more paint colors. Just make sure you are choosing a pallet that is neutral and compliments the other colors you choose. If you need help figuring out which colors to paint go to HGTV.com or the DIY.com. You can also go to your local paint store. The people who work in paint stores see the popular colors people are buying and can be greatly helpful. For more staging tips or advice please feel free to contact me direct or check out my facebook page, kristendollason@soldbydesignrealestate.com